Stinky-Strips (Artificial Cut Bait)

Stinky-Strips (Artificial Cut Bait)
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Un-Stinky Strips - Unscented. Are they real or artificial??? For the fishermen that don't want to use the real thing. These strips fit perfectly in our Stinky-Stinky Cut Bait Rigs. We normally trim them to 5" and add herring oil. They can also be run in our Whole Bait Rigs, but recommend leaving them 6". You'll receive 10 Unscented 6" strips. Available in White & Glow. Require no refrigeration - Won't Spoil, Life like movement and texture. Easily trimmed (edge of credit card cuts nice) Absorbs Scent, Colors and Attractants (add a small amount of your favorite oil) Use in Fresh or Saltwater Available in Assorted Colors *Not for human consumption.

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